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The Lviv Pipe Club is the oldest club in Ukraine, since the first mention of the Lviv fighter who participated in the “Festive Faile” in Poland dates back to 1896. We were united by the desire to popularize the culture of using tobacco and alcohol, based on old traditions and preferences of Lviv. Not surprisingly, in our logo there is a famous Lviv lion, and the motto of “Hold Yourself” club is close to the spirit of all residents of Lviv Pipe Club.

In 2016, we celebrated the 120th anniversary of the club and organized the first international slow-smoking crib tournament in the city of Lion. During our club’s existence, we have many good traditions, one of which – to start the new year from the “Galician Fake” tournament – is a competition involving not only Ukrainian clubs but also representatives from other countries. All news and additional information about the competition Lviv Pipe Club look for on the club’s website. And, to discuss with the Lviv fliers and learn more about their adventures, you can go to the Club page at Facebook.